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How will I receive paperwork from school and Mrs. Schroeder?


Our communication is essential for your child to have a successful year in 1st grade.  Communication will take place through your child’s PINK ‘HOT’ Folder beginning on the first Friday of the school year and each Friday after that.  This mimics the FRIDAY FOLDER you may have had at Riverview.  Each weekend, please read the notes on the inside (AND outside) of the Hot Folder thoroughly!  At the beginning of the school year, there will be many forms and much paperwork inside your Hot Folder for you to fill out and return to school promptly.  Thank you for getting these forms back to school in a timely manner…this keeps us organized on our end and ensures that everything is in place for your child as we begin our year together.  During the school year, I will send home our monthly newsletter inside of the Hot Folder so that you know what we are learning!  Hot Folders need to be returned with completed paperwork and/or homework each Monday.

How does recess work in 1st grade? 

There are always at least two teachers on duty for morning recess, but not always your child’s teacher.  Students get another recess before lunch.  We have noon duty aides that watch the children during lunch and lunch recess – both the kids and teachers have the same lunch time.  Often times, I will bring our class out if an afternoon recess is needed.

Will my child eat at school?

Breakfast and lunch ARE PROVIDED at Jefferson!  If your child does not like the breakfast or lunch provided, please send in a breakfast/morning snack or lunch for your child.  Often, if students do not like what is served, the entire meal gets dumped into the garbage.   Ask your child about how he or she feels about school breakfast and lunch.  We want to ensure that your child eats breakfast and lunch so that he or she is healthy AND has the energy to be ready to learn!  Breakfast and lunch menus can be found on the MPSD website under ‘Services’, then, ‘Food Service’, then 'NUTRISLICE-Menu Access’.

**Please send a little snack with your child for an afternoon snack each day.  Make it simple; we will only have a short snack break.

How do arrival (8:10) & dismissal times (3:10) work?

Playground supervision is available beginning at 7:45 a.m. each day.  We ask that you do not drop your child off prior to this time as there is no supervision.  At 8:10, a bell will ring.  This signals that school is going to begin.  I will come outside to gather the class.  A second bell will ring at 8:15.  At this time, all students need to be in their classroom and ready to begin our day.

Dismissal is at 3:10 out the back of the building, south side, playground doors.  Try to be early to pick up your child…in an agreed-upon location. Your child will feel better if you are in the same place everyday. The end of the day commotion can be overwhelming in the beginning. Our class of first graders will enter and exit the building at the same place each day.

How is 1st grade different from kindergarten?

The expectations in 1st grade include more minutes of reading, writing, & math.  These ‘core’ subjects will be taught for approximately 60-90 minutes daily.  Phonics will be taught for 20 minutes daily.  Social Studies and Science will be taught for 30 minutes most days of the week.  We will take part in art, music, and gym for 30 minutes on a rotating A, B, C schedule.  Our class has Gym on A Days with Mrs. Kohlmeier, Music on B Days with Mrs. Dorner, and Art on C Days with Mrs. Kuznacic.  We will also visit the library weekly with Mrs. Naidl.  Lunchtime and snack time round out our day in 1st grade.  1st grade expectations are high!  However, it is my belief that 6 & 7 year olds still need to be ‘kids’ and their social-emotional development is just as important as their academic development. Therefore, I will place an emphasis on having playtime and/or an extra recess daily.

How can I help my child to learn at home?

Because teaching a child ‘takes a village’, it’s expected that you will work on learning alongside your child at home as well. 

On most days of the week, for 5-15 minutes…CHOOSE 1 OR 2 TO COMPLETE…

This learning at home includes:

  • Practicing and/or reviewing the letter names and letter sounds (5 minutes—if your child did not ‘master’ all of the letters and sounds in kindergarten, it is essential that he or she works hard at learning these skills early on in 1st grade.)The learning of letters and sounds is necessary for your child to move onto reading wordsJLet me know if you need some ABC flashcardsJ
  • Reading and writing 50+ kindergarten snap words AND 100+ 1st grade snap words —5 minutes, work on 5 words at a time—I will send our words home with ideas of how to practice them.
  • Practice and/or reviewing how to count to 100 and beyond (by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s)—make it fun…count in the car, during dinner with a sibling, or in the shower/tub!
  • Completing math homework (on their own!) when it is sent home (time will also be provided in class to finish homework.)
  • Reading alongside an adult or sibling nightly—up to10+ minutes (and eventually on your own as the year progresses!)

How do I contact Mrs. Schroeder and Jefferson School?

Mrs. Schroeder’s Classroom Phone:  663-9419 (best way to reach me after dismissal)

Mrs. Schroeder’s E-Mail: (best way to reach me during the school day)
Class DOJO:  Another efficient way to contact me during or after the school day.

Main Secretary:  Ms. Drida, 663-9530

Principal:  Mrs. DeArmond, 663-9532

Yog koj xav tau ib daim txhais ua lus Hmoob, thov hu Hmoob Tus Xov Tooj, 920-663-9373.

Si usted necesita esta informacion traducida al Español, por favor Hame al 920-663-9372.

I hope you find this information helpful Let me know if you have any further questions.


Mrs. Schroeder