Mary Fogltanz

Hello My Name Is..
Mrs. Fogltanz


     Welcome to another school year. I am so excited to be able to teach your child and move them forward in their learning. You may be thinking... who will be involved with my child for most of their daylight hours? Here is a little bit about me. I started teaching in 1986! Wow! I am so happy to do what I love to do! I have a B. A. in Elementary Education, Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and I earned my National Board Certification in 2011. I work really hard at staying current and fresh with the new initiatives in education. 
    Personally, I married my high school sweetheart and after 8 years of dating we tied the knot; that knot has been tied for 28 years. We have two children Krista who is in graduate school at Rush University in Chicago studying for her Doctorate in Audiology and Eric is a runner at Iowa State University studying Graphic Design. 
    Our classroom is centered around Whole Brain Learning! I hope that you ask your child about how active they are in their learning. Learning by conversation and gestures is a huge part of their learning.  As the year goes on ask them about Whole Brain learning!
    My contact information is as follows:

 Phone: (920) 663-9405

You can reach me at 7:45 in the morning and anytime after school. Please take a chance in calling me me after school. My times vary after school but I am often told that I stay too long!