Units of Study

Units of Study Overview:

Writing- We are working on crafting true stories. This is a narrative story unit where students pick a story to share, using great detail that create a “mental movie” for whoever reads it. This is Unit 1 of our Lucy Calkins writing curriculum. As you can believe, your students have great stories to tell and I love hearing them!

Reading- As a class we are learning how to be lifelong readers. This is our first unit in the Lucy Calkins reading curriculum. In this unit we are talking about building a reading life, learning about themselves as readers. We talk about how to pick books that are “just right” and how to share and talk about books.

Math- We are working on multiplying and dividing. This unit can be tricky for some but many of our students are doing their best to be resilient and persevere to learn and be fluent in these facts. Currently we are working on 2s, 5s, 9s and 10s. Practice is key and if you have any questions or need extra resources please let me know!

Science/Social Studies/Cursive-Keyboarding- This year we decided to try something new because we started our new ABC day schedule. So the other third grade teachers- Mrs. Cavanaugh and Mrs. Nelson and myself decided to each take a subject and then rotate our students. So far this is working very well and we know students are enjoying a chance to work and meet with the other teachers in the grade level.

Mrs. Cavanaugh (Social Studies)

Mrs. Nelson (Cursive-Keyboarding)

Ms. V (Science)

Assignment Notebooks/Reading Calendars/Take Home folders-
This year students are taking on more responsibility! I believe it is not only my job to teach students foundational knowledge but also teach them skills to be successful as a person. Students are responsible for filling out their assignment notebooks, sharing them with you- by getting your initials and bringing them back and forth from school to home. This is also the expectation for their take home folders. It is my expectation that they share with you the information they bring home and inform you about forms that need to be signed or read by you.

We also are starting our reading calendars, some of you may have noticed that in their assignment notebooks their reading homework is simply to read at home. I word it that way instead of saying they need to read 15 minutes every night because I understand that not every week night is the same and that some nights may busier than the next. I ask students to read when they have that free time at home and to record the accurate time they read on their calendar. I also told them that it is important for them to be honest about the time they are reading because by not being accurate with their log it is only hurting them and their reading ability. All in all, I just want our students to read and love reading without seeing it as homework. This I believe goes along with students building that reading life. If I see that the calendars are not working effectively I will come up with something else that will help students get their reading done. If you have questions, comments or concerns please contact me.

Student Reader- During our snack time in the morning I encourage students to share with the whole class any books they are reading or any stories they are writing. Students sign up for each day and our whole class listens to that person. This has become such a great thing in our classroom and so far I have had a student every day! I am excited to see where this sharing will go but it is something very positive going on in our room.

Word Work/Grammar- This year we will be working through the Words Their Way word sorts. Students receive different sorts every two weeks to practice and learn. All third graders will be given activities to choose from and they will complete them during their word work time. Students are required to do 4 activities per word sort. We will also be substituting in grammar work during this time. Students will be working through a grammar packet together to help them grasp new understandings and review previously learned ones.

WIN- This is students’ What I Need time. Each grade level has time during the day to give teachers and students time to work on specific areas that need improvement. In our class we run on a schedule to ensure each student gets a chance to practice and learn in our core subjects. Students rotate between; Successmaker (Computer program focused on reading and math), Math games (computer sites focused on practicing fact fluency), Word Wall practice (time set aside to help students practice word wall words), Reading/Writing (more time to read for 20 minutes and write for 20 minutes), Miss V time (students get a chance to work with me on areas of learning they may be struggling with). This is also time set aside for students who work with other teachers so they are not missing important class time.