Jefferson's spotlight is on 5th grade teacher Paul Hochkammer

Jefferson's spotlight is on 5th grade teacher Paul Hochkammer
Posted on 05/15/2018
Mr. HochkammerEach month students and staff members will be "in the spotlight" as a way to celebrate them for being great ambassadors of the MPSD Mission, Vision and Core Beliefs.  May's  spotlight features Mr. Hochkammer!  Thank you for your service to the MPSD!

What are your hobbies?I love spending time with my family and look forward to any time I can spend with my wife, son, daughter, son-in-law, and 18 month-old grandson. I enjoy home remodeling, building, and designing. Working with metal is a passion of mine. I have created sculptures, built a tractor cab, built trailers, created lawn sculptures, and repaired things for family and friends. My son has joined me with my love of Jeeps. Our Jeep projects have been filling much of my free time over the last few years.  

How long have you worked in the MPSD? This is my 28th year teaching in the MPSD -All at Jefferson Elementary School. 

What is your favorite book? Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, by Jules Verne, is the book that helped me develop a love of reading. I remember becoming so fascinated with the book that I couldn’t put it down. I would even read it as I walked down the halls between classes at Washington Junior High School. 

My favorite classroom read aloud book is Frindle, by Andrew Clements. The book is a fun read and the ending is quite emotional for any teacher-Especially one who has been teaching for a number of years. 

What is the best advice you ever received? When caught doing something good, my mother would always say, “Your reward will be in Heaven.”  I take this to mean to always do what you believe is right and not to expect recognition for any good deeds done on Earth. I believe this to be true and frequently echo her advice to others. 

How did you decide to go into education? I worked on the family farm for the first five years after high school and decided that farming was not for me. My parents took in foster children long before I was born. When I was about ten years old they started a boys’ home for juvenile delinquents. I grew up in a large family with up to eight additional youth. I knew I wanted to work with children as a career and decided to go into social work. After a few semesters in college, I changed my focus to go into elementary education.  

What is your favorite movie? I am not really a movie buff so I had to solicit input from my wife for this question. She said she doubts I ever made it through an entire movie without falling asleep-I believe I have made it through a few. Now that we have Netflix, I am able to “watch” movies 3 or 4 times and piece together the scenes to actually see an entire movie. I typically enjoy watching comedy movies. Will Ferrell is one of my favorite comedic actors and I enjoy most of his movies. "Elf" is my all time favorite Christmas movie. 

Who is your role model? I have been fortunate enough to have had many wonderful role models in my life. I grew up in a conservative farm family with three generations of Hochkammers living in the same house. My parents were quite busy when I was born and my Grandfather became a caregiver and role model for me. My parents, who were married for 74 years, also set a great example for me. They were hard workers and had done so much for the community. I try exemplify their solid character.